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Vaser 4D

An advanced and specialized form of VASER lipo, VASER 4D lipo is a body sculpting procedure where fat can be removed, underlying muscles defined and significantly improved to give the patient a more proportionate look. It usually targets pockets of fat and eliminates them while redefining the shape of the body. VASER 4D lipo can be used to target fat on the back and upper legs, buttocks, abdomen, chest, and upper arms so as to transform and improve the body permanently.

The Problem

Having trouble spots is a common thing for many people and no amount of dieting or exercise can help address this issue. Busy lives often catch up on us and make their presence felt around the thighs, backs, arms, and abdomen in the form of frustrating fat deposits. Despite putting in a lot of hard work in the gym many people end up with the realization that they simply cannot get the definition that they so desire. This is where VASER 4D lipo can be so helpful.

The Procedure

VASER 4D is a specialized form of VASER liposuction for those patients who desire a natural-looking, well-defined figure. VASER 4D LipoSculpt helps in creating impressive definitions while allowing muscle groups to enjoy natural movements. Fat is carefully removed over the course of the treatment, giving a sculpted look to the body. Where necessary, this fat is injected back into parts of the body to add volume and definitions thus helping the patients rediscover the shape and physique they had been seeking.

The procedure is an ideal option for both men and women. We focus on working with each patient of a case-by-case basis so the results you get will always be individual to you.
During a VASERLipo, the area from where fat needs to be removed is initially injected with a tumescent fluid so that the fat can be held together before it is broken down using ultrasound waves emitted from the end of a small probe. Small suction tubes are then inserted to gently suck out the fat through aspirations. Patients are thus able to recover quickly and avoid having to stay at the hospital while also experiencing fewer amounts of bruising and swelling, an issue commonly associated with traditional liposuction technique.
Typically, the procedure lasts for less than 2 hours and is carried out under the influence of local anesthesia.


Long-lasting results are obtained and the fat removal is permanent. Some amount of swelling and bruising will be there but this will significantly reduce within a couple of weeks.


Most of the patients do not need any more than 7 to 12 days off work. In order to keep the swelling down to minimal levels and aid in skin retraction the patient will be advised to undergo MLD Massage sessions as part of their recovery process.

VASER 4D works for both men and women

This is the absolute truth! In fact, it has been observed that more number of women is opting for the treatment than men. While most women are not in need of a six pack, they would love to have a better definition of muscles along their stomach borders – from the bust to the groin – without the horizontal lines. Their waistlines can be transformed to an hourglass figure and the definition around their breasts can be increased as well. Male patients typically crave for a six pack and it has been observed that for many, creating a twin pack is more realistic especially if they have had past struggles with managing their weight. Those who are slim with great muscle tone and good skin elasticity may be more suitable candidates to attain the full six-pack looks.

Patients need to take note that a healthy diet and exercise will still be recommended before and after a body contouring surgery and that every kind of surgery can either go as planned or end up going horribly wrong!