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Vaser Mid Def

Another of the well-planned devices that aid fat removal, Mid Def does almost the same things as the VASER Hi-Def. However, in place of a high definition, it provides a soft and subtle definition of the muscles that is slightly more than standard VASER but somewhat short of qualifying for the hi-def lipo tag. Harley Liposuction Clinic is one of the forerunners among cosmetic clinics to offer VASER mid-def liposuction in London with highly qualified surgeons practicing and perfecting the same to deliver the best possible results. VASER Mid Def implements the same ultrasonic probes with a pulsed radiation to get rid of the unwanted fat. It can be used for treatment on various areas of the body with the same degree of efficiency and is a good choice for women who wish to opt for abdominal etching and a softer female musculature. Fat removal from the chest, arm liposuction, and male breast reduction are some of the other areas where it can be applied.

5 liters of liquefied fat is the limit to which fat can be extracted but there is no guarantee that just because fat is being extracted you will lose weight. It is obvious that by losing such a considerable volume of fat you will lose some amount of weight but this should not be preferred procedure for weight loss. Also, patients need to set realistic expectations in that the procedure will help them achieve only a well-contoured physique. It could also be combined with a tummy tuck or a Smart Lipo laser probe in order to tighten lax skin and give a flatter abdomen along with good body shape. Mid def liposuction in London has emerged as a new advancement with only a select few clinics practicing and offering the same. However, we at Harley Cosmetic Group have already have already delivered a number of successful results within a short time since the day it was introduced. The results are largely remarkable with lasting impressive safety and a quick recovery period.


The procedure is carried out at our state-of-the-art liposuction clinic in London by a plastic surgeon and a well qualified and highly experienced team of talented practitioners. Mid Def liposuction may be carried out alone or in conjunction with a standard VASER liposuction or Smart Lipo. It begins just like any other liposuction technique with an intravenous injection where a large amount of super wet anesthesia or tumescent solution is injected. This is followed by the creation of 1-2mm incisions through which the ultrasound-assisted special probes are inserted and moved back and forth in the skin layers to separate the fatty layers. Using a brisk but gentle movement of the cannula, the plastic surgeon is able to gradually but smoothly melt away all of the localized fat. Once the surgeon is satisfied that all of the fat has been melted it is aspirated out of the system using an aspirator tube that is attached with the cannula. The patient is required to stay relaxed during the procedure and he will not experience any pain or trauma. They can see the fat being aspirated out as it collects in a jar as a thick liquid with yellow-reddish tinge.

Mid def liposuction is a common procedure among women and is very much similar to the body sculpting technique involving VASER Hi Def. However, in this case the application of the probes is much more superficial than VASER Hi Def and also combines the use of the Smart Lipo cannula. Mid def liposuction is also done for male breast reduction with the same efficiency and it makes full utilization of the skin laxity to curve into a soft definition of the underlying musculature. Additional fat cells from the extracted fat are injected back into the patient to support a proportionate abdominal etching. The patient is able to witness the happenings and the results immediately as they graduate into a more natural effect. In case the patient has not chosen IV sedation, they can walk out as soon as the procedure is completed.


For every liposuction procedure, swelling represents a normal conclusion. This can be taken care of by wearing compression garments for around an entire week so that the excess fat can be seeped out through some of the punctures that the surgeon chooses to keep open after the surgery. Mid def gives an artificial definition to the muscle structure and simply creates the mold of the actual turtle shell abdomen that the patient can gain and maintain naturally with proper diet and exercise. Surgical discomfort is always minimal here and will be bearable as it does not last for more than 2-3 days following the surgery. It is a highly successful technique that involves minimal downtime and maximum safety and surety. At the end of 7 days the patient can get back to work in case he has a desk job. For those involved in more strenuous activity, the surgeon will give you proper guidance as to the ideal downtime required which will depend on the size of the procedure. It will take just days to heal and another 2 weeks to completely recover from the surgery, gradually allowing patients to resume their regular work and exercise.

To conclude, following the VASER mid def liposculpture the patient can locate the deeper grooves in the skin. However, some more time would be required to settle down to the final results and the natural definition would not really reveal itself before another 4-5 months. Patients can make the most of this time to allow some regularity in exercising and get used to a healthier, planned lifestyle so that people can be convinced that you have naturally gained the six packs through exercise. Perhaps it would motivate them too to keep up with a good life.