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Smart lipo a Faster Way to Remove the Stubborn Fat

Liposuction, also known as lipoplasty, smart lipo, or vaser lipo, is a type of ultrasound assisted cosmetic surgery which breaks up and takes out the melted fat from various parts of the body. The most common regions for this surgery are the abdomen, thighs, buttocks, neck, chin, upper and backs of the arms, calves, and back. It’s also not designed for the obese or over-weight people. Its aim is to sculpt specific areas of fat.

Smart lipo or laser lipolysis should not be confused with liposuction surgery. There’s no need for general anaesthetia in this operation.

It’s much less invasive because the cannula, that is used to remove the fat, is significantly smaller at 1-2mm and recovery time is shorter. It was approved by the FDA in the year 2009 after all necessary tests were conducted. It is ideal for treating small areas especially those who have localized fatty deposits but very lax overlying skin.

A very small cannula (approx. of 1mm in diameter) containing an optical fibre is inserted under the skin through the incisions that are made. The laser that is fired through the optical fibre targets the excess fat. The laser then melts and destroys the fat cells releasing the liquid fat that is easily and safely absorbed by the body’s natural processes and sometimes it is taken out from the body with the help of suction procedure. The laser also helps in sealing the blood vessels.

Advantages of Smart – lipo surgery:-

  1. Unwanted fat and irregular fatty tissues can be treated effectively.
  2. Flabby skin along with areas of high vascularity can be treated.
  3. It helps in tissue coagulation which results in tightening of the skin tissues.
  4. Minimal bleeding and bruising.
  5. Healing and recovery time is much faster.
  6. Fewer traumas in comparison to traditional liposuction.

The overall cost of smart lipo depends on the extent of the areas to be treated. Therefore it would be better if you consult our surgeon who will discuss this with you in detail during your consultation.