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New types of Vaser Liposuction

Liposuction is the most popular procedure for body contouring that is achieved by removing subcutaneous fat. There has been constant innovation with technologies that pushes the limits of traditional liposuction with better benefits and outcomes, however this is to submit to all seeking patients, that the way or type of performing this surgery is largely dependent on the perfuming plastic surgeon or cosmetic surgeon, their efficacy and ease of their chosen device.

Vaser Liposuction and the therapeutic ultrasound technology patented by it is unanimously the widest chosen and utilized device by surgeons in the United Kingdom and several other parts of the world. VASER utilises therapeutic ultrasound to make the best outcome that exceeds the number of traditional lipo, however, traditional or manual liposuction is also widely performed in London and all parts of the UK.

As there are different types of liposuction, it usually differs by means of the different devises being purposed every now and then to claim the ultimate efficacy to perform the surgery. Vaser liposuction has come up with new innovations to add to its merchandise, along with Vaser Hi Def and Vaser Mid Def.

Vasersmooth for Cellulite Treatment

Vasersmooth is the newly introduced device by Vaser that is specially designed to treat cellulite. Cellulite is a gel like substance that is commonly accumulated in the lower body region including lower abdomen, inner – outer thighs and buttocks of women that wrinkles and dimples the skin in an unwanted way that most women find it unlikely and self-conscious to step out in beach wear or shorts. The cellulite forms in the top layer of skin which the probes of Vaser Liposuction, Vaser Hi Def or Mid Def falls short to reach, as they are designed for more deeper layers. The Vasersmooth probes prove to be ultimately efficient in completely eliminating the cellulite and providing fine smooth skin.

Vasershape as Non-Surgical Liposuction

Nonsurgical liposuction might sound too good to be true but it is most intelligently and effectively devised by Vaser that is ideal for little fat pads and acquire viable results without any cutting, suturing or complications. An emitter is browsed through the skin that does not need any anaesthetic or preparation as such, the patient relaxing as the low mediums of therapeutic ultrasound waves vibrate into the fatty tissues slowly melting it from the top of the skin. The melted fat can be aspirated with an incision or sweated out with adequate exercise that is dependent on the patient’s choice. Several or regular sessions might be probable to get to the desired result and stay with it.