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Too much to ask Losing 20pounds and having a well contoured body

If it could be specified without being melodramatic, a world comprising of people trying, wishing, losing and living their lives with that 20pounds of body fat and body weight can be considered as the real world.

While staying in shape is a continuous quest to most people’s lives, body contouring is too, an additional subjective. As losing some pounds can get you to tuck in your old pair of jeans, it doesn’t always lead to a well formed body contour for you to feel confident enough to try that beach wear. Not that you can’t live your life without it, but here are some ways how could.

Consult a general physician

Losing weight doesn’t really need the high time of determination and rigor to go through. It can be a problem that can be achieved with a positive mind. If you are over 20pounds more than your ideal body mass, the first thing to consider is to consult a general physician and have a medical checkup done. Eating doesn’t only lead to adding extra pound, there are various more reasons and causes why you would be accumulating fat.

There are two main types of fat that resides in our body and makes us overweight. One is visceral fat that grown in the muscles of the torso and enwraps around our heart. Lungs and kidneys, excessive visceral fat can lead to obesity and many more diseases and disorders like high blood pressure; diabetes; high cholesterol, even breast cancer and dementia. Subcutaneous fat is the other variant which resides in the skin layers of all areas of the body, and this is the kind of fat that we actually see in the first place, to make a pot belly, bingo wings, double chin, love handles etc. A medical examination helps one strut down what is the exact condition of the patient and the ideal treatment to lose weight.

Walk the distance

If you cannot afford nor have time to hit the gym or a liposuction cost in London is not something you are ready to invest in, try walking. Walking is an excellent and fastest way to lose weight. Walk your dog, walk your neighbor’s dog, or just walk your way to office. If you are 20 pounds more than your ideal body weight or more, then walk in easy steps in comfortable shoes at least 3times a week or alternate days for about 20 mins is enough to kick start the regime with. Add 10 more minutes or a few steps more as long as it is pleasant while listening to your favorite playlist and see the difference in your body and mind from as early as the third week. Give it a timeline of 20 weeks to judge the results.

Eat to lose weight

If you thought that eating less is going to help you lose weight then it is not right and the habit and perception can actually hamper your metabolism. However, maybe it is time to count those calories and if you like to eat all that your physician suggests is filled with calories, then it is a different story. Avoid canned processed foods and try finding the foods that you like among the diet plan than punishing yourself at every meal.

Body contouring after losing weight

Sometimes despite achieving a milestone with the targeted weight loss, the contour of the body is still missing, and what sees a slimmer and firmer body is still out of a curvy contour you’d actually wished for. A liposuction surgery is the most common body contouring option opted in the United Kingdom, and London is one of the best places to find world standard and highly skilled professionals, however a liposuction cost in London starts at an average £2,000 for one area that is quite an investment.

If you are not ready to invest such a sum yet, other effective options are non-surgical liposuction, which uses therapeutic ultrasound and lymphatic zonal massages for body contouring and it is acquiring a good response along with vaser liposuction in London. Otherwise consult your general physician or a cosmetic surgeon to advice on your individual condition.

The most important part

This is about being happy, be happy with your life and seek what makes you happy. Laughing is a good source of getting glowing skin and feel good factor. Find a TV show and laugh. Or just laugh at your own mistakes, it makes things much easier and as the most tacky saying goes when you feel good, you look good, and it just works the same the other way around.