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VASER Lipo is a new form of cosmetic fat removal that has been introduced into the beauty treatment market. This process makes use of ultrasound waves to break down the walls of fatty cells which makes it distinctly different from the traditional liposuction procedure that can prove to be more painful. Surgeons make use of small incisions to draw out these fatty deposits.

Prior to this fat removal treatment, an individual is likely to have a large number of questions and concerns surrounding the procedure. The purpose of creating this exclusive page is to engage our specialists in responding to few of these queries and banish some of the pre-conceived notions and myths using their expert advice.

If the answer to your question is not listed below, feel free to get in touch with us. We are always willing to help you out.

No, patients are not required to be unconscious during the procedure. Local anesthesia is injected into the target area so the patient will not feel any pain throughout the procedure. Painkillers and oral sedatives further help in keeping the individual relaxed.

At Harley Body Clinic, we do not have any hidden costs. The quoted price for the VASER Lipo System Liposelection is inclusive of clinical photographs, support garments, all follow-up visits and other applicable taxes.

The individual can undergo this procedure provided hormone levels can be stabilized with the use of proper medication.

No. The London Harley Street clinic is the only one currently offering VASER Lipo System Liposelection. However, for a consultation you can approach a Harley Liposuction Clinic surgeon at any of our locations around London.

No. There is only one solution for treating fat deposits under the eyes and this is known as mesotherapy injections or Blepharoplasty surgery.

No. Patients are treated only at the Harley Liposuction Clinic on Harley Street. This is a private and discrete surgery performed by doctors.

Our surgeons at Harley Liposuction Clinic normally advise to wear support garments 24 hours a day for the first few weeks. It is also advised that the bandages should be left on for around a couple of weeks after the VASER Lipo System Liposelection procedure. Most clients find the traditional liposuction to be highly inconvenient as it creates blood clots by rupturing the veins that can be rectified by wearing compression bandages for four or more weeks. Compared to that, this VASER Lipo System Liposelection procedure is less traumatic on the connective tissues, nerve endings and blood vessels as the swelling and bruising is reduced significantly.

Yes. The patient needs to be in good health, maintain good eating habits, regularly exercise, and not be beyond 25% of what is regarded as the ideal weight. Blood, liver, kidneys, and heart should be free from any form of disorder and there should not be heavy dependence on anticoagulants. Anti-inflammatory medications and steroids should be avoided for a few days prior to the medical history consultation process at Harley Liposuction Clinic to confirm whether the individual is suited for undergoing a VASER Lipo System Liposelection procedure.

No. It may be taken as an assumption that proper exercising and balanced dieting are the best solution and approach for obesity treatment. VASER Lipo System Liposelection, traditional liposuction, or SmartLipo are not viable options for bringing about significant weight loss.

VASER Lipolysis, Lipo VASER, and VASER Hi-Def are some of the names given to the procedure and technology used for VASER Lipo System Liposelection.

No. VASER Lipo System Liposelection has been around since March 2001, providing treatment to thousands of clients. It has also been approved by the FDA for use in the USA. UK has introduced it only around a decade back in 2008. Harley Liposuction Clinic is one of the few recognized and experienced establishments in the country where you can get this procedure.

Age is not a major factor here as long as the candidate is in the age bracket of 18 to 80 years of age. It has been found that this is the age group that has benefitted the most from this fat removal surgery. The good results are largely determined by the level of physical activity, skin tone, and health rather than the biological age of an individual.

The process begins with anesthesia being infused into the target areas following which a number of 3mm long micro-incisions are made. Once the anesthesia has taken effect, the surgeon administers ultrasonic treatment into the fatty layers where, with the help of micro-vibrations, the fat gets emulsified in around 15-20 minutes for every target area. The unwanted fat is drawn out immediately without causing any damage to the blood vessels or connective tissues which keeps swelling, bruises, and discomfort down to minimal levels. As compared to the traditional method, no scars are produced while there is also no loose skin, subcutaneous hollows, or internal bleeding.

In order to make it convenient for our clients, our VASER Lipo System procedures are available from Monday to Sunday. Evening and weekend consultations are available also so you don't have to take time off work in order to do this.

You can get a consultation at any one of our partners across London, Sunderland, Newcastle, and Sheffield who are Harley Liposuction Clinic surgeons specializing in VASER Lipo System Liposelection procedures.